I knew very little going into this year's tax season, but after speaking with Lakshmi I felt like I was able to understand my situation much better and the things I need to do moving forward with my taxes! I have a small business run out of my home, and with my full-time w-2 job and being in a new state, I had no idea what I could even save on. I got more money back on my returns this year, and Lakshmi made sure of that! Well worth the investment, not just to save the hassle of doing my own returns! I was able to get my questions answered thoroughly and always within a reasonable time frame. If you are in the Leander area and are looking for your taxes to be handled professionally, then I would have to highly recommend Lakeline Tax for the next tax season, or even for your personal or business tax planning needs.
R.M. - 6/6/2023
Small Business Owner
Lakshmi and her team are great - they found ways to reduce my taxes that I would have never found on my own, and even found an error on last year's return (completed by another company) that resulted in an amendment that earned me over $1000! Plus, it's just nice to chat with Lakshmi. I definitely feel like she took an interest in me above and beyond my finances, and she was so thoughtful and thorough with her approach that I felt very well cared for. I highly recommend Lakeline Tax!
S.W. - 5/2/2023
Small Business Women Owned
I have used Lakeline Tax and Bookkeeping for the last few years and have been really impressed by the service and quality. Lakshmi really works with me to show me other strategies for my tax situation and is knowledgeable about any area I ask her about. Would highly recommend using her for your tax preparation needs.
N.J. - 02/15/2023
Lakshmi was such a game - changer for us this year. My husband and I both run multiple businesses and this was our first year filing our taxes as a married couple. It was so important for us to find someone who we felt we could trust to get all the details of our complex financial lives correctly submitted. Lakshmi was careful, patient, and helped us understand the overall process. Not only did we get the assurance that the paperwork was done correctly, we learned more about the entire tax process thanks to her availability and willingness to help us understand what was going on. In summary, taxes are scary and Lakshmi is the best!
A. W.
Lakshmi was wonderful to work with! As someone who always prepared my own taxes, I was hesitant to spend the money to hire someone. I can now say it was beyond worth it! Lakshmi was patient and helped us organize everything we needed. She was also professional and knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to us throughout the process. Highly recommend!
happy customer
R. B.
I received excellent service from Lakeline. My taxes were extremely complicated this year because I needed to file an amendment to the previous year's return before I filed this year's. Lakshmi was very professional, quick and provided me with updates as she went along. She was even mindful of the time difference. I received a larger refund that I ever have. Will definitely use her in the future.
P. M.
My taxes are no walk in the park. Between digging through digging through past documents and researching nuances to my taxes, lakeline was able to get everything done and handle the brutal process. That means, experience with ESPPs, ISOs, having a portal to make document transfers secure and easy. They were able to find some previous mistakes in my returns which was like finding a needle in a hay stack. I was hesitant at first because it's all online, but now I would Highly recommend.
E.V. - 1/13/2023
Lakshmi was very easy to work with and took her time to get my taxes right. I had a partial residency this year so it was a little complicated, but she made it easy with being able to communicate with her at any time and her quick response to all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend using her for your tax needs.
K. S.
Its hard to find a company that you trust with all of your personal information. But having worked with this company I can say they have shown great work ethics and very professional. And very knowledgeable to the subject matter. Confidentiality was key for me. So if you are looking for all these things, this is your company of choice.
First time to have pro do our taxes and I'm so happy with the results. Thank you Lakshmi and Lakeline Tax!
K.P.- 05/17/2023
Lakeline Tax has benefited me in so many ways. The team is truly knowledgeable and professional. All work was delivered in a timely manner and done correctly. It's nice to not have to stress crunching the numbers for taxes. As a business owner, it really helps to have someone you believe in and trust. I recommend Lakeline Tax to all small business owners as you will get a personal touch and you will get the help you need to save money and be on time.
E. W.
Very professional, great service. They were able to answer all of my questions and put my mind at ease.
M. T.
Super helpful, knowledgable, and professional! Was impressed by the services and will definitely be recommending Lakeline Tax to friends and family.
M. B.
All of my questions were professionally answered to my satisfaction and I feel that my tax data and records are secure. Friendly knowledgeable and even though we did my taxes basically over the phone, I already received my secured paper copy and I'll get the bookkeeping results monthly.
M. M.
Amazing service!!!! Very professional, helpful and great price!!! Recommended 100 accuracy!!!!!
C. L.